Lavalas influenced candidates attempt to win Senate seats

Several candidates for the upcoming general elections are under the aegis of Lavalas political movement. Many have postulated their candidacy for legislative posts for the August 9, 2015 elections. On senate contests in the western region of the country former Lavalas party members are now represented under different banners. Two doctors Shiller Louidor and Louis Gerald Gilles are candidates for Fanmi Lavalas for the two available posts as senators from the west. Upon declaring his candidacy, Dr Giles directed pointed comments towards another candidate close to Lavalas, Gerald Germain. Mr. Germain, a candidate of Lapeh, another political group, previously criticized the presidential candidature of Maryse Narcisse. M. Gilles accused former minister Germain of having being a collaborator with the governments that overthrew president Aristide. At the same time, Annette Auguste also known as “Sò Ann" a reputed influential member of Lavalas, is now registered under the banner of Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale (PHTK). Ms Auguste, who was one of the principals in demonstrations sponsored by the Lavalas political party, revealed that she has been relegated to the background by the leaders of the party. She maintains that Lavalas is not solely a political party but an ideology. Another influential member of Lavalas, Rene Civil, is registered as a candidate for a senate seat in the West under the banner of the political party Renmen Haïti. M. Civil also complained about being shoved aside by Lavalas leaders. Other Lavalas influenced candidates have joined the ranks of new political organizations such Pitit Dessalines of Moise Jean Charles.
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